Friday, November 25, 2011

new song from Fatin Syazana :)

hye guys..sory sbb lme sngt ta update blog..seyezly mmg jrng gle skrg nie nak update blog nie..hehe...
actly nak cite about i got a new song from fatin..hehehe...sweetnye.. ;)  teyn, thanx sngt2 sbb sudi create lgu kita b'sama..hehe...terharu seyh! :') oke lagu nie actly crite about p'shbatan antara aku, maizura a.k.a mai n fatin a.k.a teyn..  lagu nie kira mcm hadiah teyn utk ktorg sbgai tnde p'hargaan slame ktorg b'sahabat hopefully hbngan ktorg nie akn sntse kekal utk slamenye...hehe amin~ :) 
btw, to teyn..this is a BIG PRESENT yg pnah ena dpt dlm idup nie..thax sngt2 ;)
bkn calang2 org yg boleh cipta2 lagu nie sndr..siap lrik smue taw..d'sbbkn syg mmbe nie la dy sggup siapkn jgk lgu nie wlupun mkn bnyk mse la jgk nk siap hope sngt ley kumpul blik b'tiga then kita nyanyi lgu nie sme2 nt k..hehe ;)
so nie la lrik lgu yg teyn cipta..hehe..ta twu la tjuk nye..ngee~~ :P

ooh you i've looking for
ooh you i've searching for
ooh you please keep holding me on

ooh you are my special one
ooh you are my only one
ooh i have no intend to find another one

like an ice cream in a hot day
the feeling that have been replayed
if right next to me you stay
i'd live forever this way

you can always count on me
whenever you feel need 
i'd be there running and flee
and be there whenever you need

i can now sit back and relax
coz i know i got you my back 
when i fall you will be laughing hard
but you still give ur hand and pull me up

just so u know that
i can stop searching at
the one who make me glad
i finally found my perfect match
you are my friend you are my heart
i love you Ketat-ketat
like the word been used by kids on FB chat

magical wish for you and me
we'll stay like this friend like no other be
this wall we build here,
keep us near,away from fear,
together we stay..
appreciate that you are there for me here
and you'll always be my deary...

oke nie lirik lagu dy..lagu dy next tyme la post eh..ta pat nk upload plak..hehehe :P  try la dgr teyn nie nyanyi..sore dy sdap sngt..hehe.. sng kate tyme school dlu dy nie kire artis la..hehe.. if nak dgr dy men gtar n nyanyi dtg la kat blog dy, SPACE FOR SMALL.. so tggu nex post eh..aku try upload lgu yg dy cipta nie..hehe..sorry ;)

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